Media Type: App

Concept of the product and why:
The purpose of TeamCoach is to facilitate positive behavioral changes through real time feedback of your supervisors, colleagues, and teammates in a cost effective way. These behavioral modifications can help individuals perform better and shift the work culture in a beneficial way. Based on psychology research, people generally want to do well and look good in front of others. We experience cognitive dissonance (which is psychologically very uncomfortable) when our desired beliefs about ourselves do not match the feedback we are getting from others.

Design goals:
This tool is capitalizing on that human tendency and turning it around for good to reinforce positive change.

Design process, obstacles, and solution:
Concept was pitched by the app’s producer and I conceptualized the technical user experience flow. Following the technical conceptualization, a user-experience flowchart was created. The flowchart was refined and moved to creating wireframes of possible designs. After reviewing the wireframes, we proceeded to create a rapid prototype with minimal mock interaction.There are 4 types of users: coach, manager, subject, and colleague. It’s a little bit tricky to design 4 different types of access and functions; all the while keeping the user interface simple and intuitive.

Used design tools & design skills:
Omnigraffle, Balsamiq Mockups 3, Sketch. Skill sets I used: UX design, UI design