Media Type: Web, Graphic, Photography

Concept of the product and why:
VR Photo Company offers professional 360° interactive imagine for commercial purposes. When Ricoh released the first HD 360° photography with Theta, VR Photo Company became the forefront to offer private commercial services along with traditional real estate / landscape photography. 360° images are integrated into Google Maps / Street View, YouTube, and Facebook. VR Photo Company offers this new service to evangelize VR and AR technology in the future.

Design goals:
The goal of this website is to introduce VR Photo Company’s services to potential clients in the Bay Area.

Design process, obstacles, and solution: The project first started with the logo. The color scheme was inspired by an old school 3D effect, anaglyph. Anaglyph uses blue and red to create an illusion of 3D depth of field. Anaglyph and 360° images have something in common: they’re both still stuck in the 2D world. Even though, 360° photos and videos can feel more immersive, it’s not a true 3D technology since it still lacks true depth. The user-interface was inspired by a famous architectural photographer by the name of Mike Kelley. Bootstrap style was inspired by a partner/friend VR app company started in UC Berkeley, Full Dive. The biggest challenge is to better integrate and display 360° photos onto the layout more naturally. I tried carouseling but the interaction is very strange. I think the best way is still to treat each 360° image as a traditional image and lay it out.

Used design tools & design skills:
UX design, UI design, Logo design, Photography, Balsamiq, Omnigraffle, Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom