The Book Game

Media Type: Game

Concept of the product and why:
The Book Game was inspired by multiple elements: Chinese Flip Chess, Mech Warrior, Magic The Gathering, and characters from the Christian Bible. The game play was inspired by Chinese Flip Chinese character hierarchy. The board design’s hexagons and landmarks came from Mechwarrior. The unique skill sets for each character was inspired by Magic.

Design goals:
Create a visually appealing game and draw curiosity to those who see the game. The game design will be passed to the game developer to turn it into both physical board game and online game.

Design process, obstacles, and solution:
The game is a slow evolving process of over 5 years with hundreds of hours of testing. The game was first played with Chinese Chess pieces and a rectangular board and we attached skills to each character and balanced the game through trial and error. The game expanded characters and skills, the board eventually became hexagonal to add more movement dynamics. A problem we faced was explaining the game to others. So I created a rule book and graphics to allow friends who cannot read Chinese to play and test. I designed symbolic graphics onto each piece to connect the player to associated characters. Landmarks were later added to further the playing field dynamics. Character names and landmark games were designed to fit the Christian Holy Bible theme. The biggest concern I had for this game is the game balance. The only way to test is to run the game through hundreds of trials privately and with friends and take notes for tweaks and modifications. It’s an enjoyable game and we love it so the rigorous process was still very exciting, fun, and ambitious.

Used design tools & design skills:
Adobe Illustrator, Google Doc, UI design, UX design, Game design, Brand design, Logo design, Omnigraffle

The Book Game – Rulebook