Robot Series

Media Type: Illustration

Concept of the product and why:
This is a series of retro minimalistic art projects that uses only shapes and colors to create a montage of robots. Each robot is to only take a maximum of 10 minutes once a day for 100 days. I created 80 robots in 100 days. The purpose of the perimeters is to build up self-discipline with time constraint to create a visually pleasing project.

Design goals:
My goal was 100 robots in 100 days, 10 minutes per robot.

Design process, obstacles, and solution:
I started with using inspirational iconic robots like from Miyazaki’s Laputa (Castle in the Sky), DBGT, Star Wars, Dr.Who, and others. Later, I used modern and vintage appliances and machines for my inspiration. The hardest part of this project was persistance. To overcome the challenge, I forced myself by posting each piece to Facebook for accountability. Overall, it got great response and feedback. When I was out of ideas, I turned to the crowd for requests. Since the project time constraint was 1 robot per day for 10 minutes for 100 days, I wish I had more robots after 1000 minutes.

Used design tools & design skills:
Adobe Illustrator