Media Type: Graphic

Concept of the product and why:
HBJU is an import/export company specializing in trading lifestyle and fashion products between U.S. and Asia. The style is heavily influenced by Japan and Korea. The concept is to have a warm, nostalgic, and whimsical vibe to the branding. The founders of HBJU are a married couple; The husband is an Asian American in California and the wife is born and raised in Hong Kong. The marriage brings the two cultures between U.S. and Asia. The product combines both of their personalities and culture.

Design goals:
Goal is to be recognized as a trading company of lifestyle and fashion goods between U.S. and Asia. The brand wants to target customers in the U.S. mainly in metropolitan areas ages between 20 and 40.

Design process, obstacles, and solution:
The design process started with designing the logo. Initially, the logo used a serif font family for an established feel. However, after refining and brainstorming, a san serif family font was adopted instead. Serif more represents a “Western” culture which the serifs can remind people of roman pillars. We wanted to remove that association because this is a mutual friendship between Eastern Oriental culture and Western culture. The color is to be a tone of red. We looked at other companies with similar concepts like Uniqlo, which they used bright saturated red. The hue we decided is a coral red, which is a softer feel but yet still strong and affirming. We felt that this is the correct balance of the emotion. The two graphical pieces that surrounds the brand are bridges and floating lanterns. The two bridges from two cultures are connected as one with the company logo in the middle to send the message that they are the connectors and bridge builders of the two cultures. The floating lanterns concept was first invented by the Chinese in early 100 AD initially for the military. Today, after the hit Disney movie “Tangled”, floating lanterns became a new trend in the U.S. Special festivals hosted unite thousands of people to enjoy releasing thousands of floating lanterns together.

Used design tools & design skills:
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Branding design, Logo design