Black Line Art

Media Type: Illustration

Concept of the product and why:
The concept of Black Line Art is to draw using only a black micron pen and a sketchbook everywhere I go for 2 years. When I get a feeling, thought, or a dream I would draw it. This was a purely emotional process. The Black Line Art is like an art journal / diary to show what is on my mind during the period of my life. It is a great long-term exercise to develop the creative parts of the mind.

Design goals:
Goal is to deeply cultivate creativity and execution based on instinct rather than just using the logical side of my mind. A short term milestone would be to create it into a book with stories since each piece contains a story. Although it was not the initial goal, Black Line Art was used to collaborate with the famous Study Music Project and viewed over 20 million + and over 200k subscribers.

Design process, obstacles, and solution:
I traveled around between Asia and the US and drew what inspired me in the environment or in my dreams for 2 years. I would first write down what I feel or what is on my mind. If not from myself, it would be a documentation of the moment in art form. It’s important to use Micron Pen to create a drawing to keep consistency after the piece was imported into Adobe Illustrator. I would vectorize and clean up the piece so it could be used to create a sticker or a stencil. Obstacles I encountered would be an equivalent to writer’s block, or in this case artist’s block. I realize that the best solution is to just relax and let life go on; Do what I like to do and enjoy. I frequently found that socializing and bonding with friends be the best remedy to harness inspiration and encouragement. When an enjoyable project becomes the duty, that is when I lack inspiration. To commit to this project, I brought my Micron Pen and Sketchbook everywhere I went, to always be ready to absorb and visualize my inspiration.

Used design tools & design skills:
Micron pen, Drawing sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator

As seen on YouTube’s famous 25+ million viewed (and counting) collaboration with Study Music Project.